DUPLEX RENOVATION - 2 x 2 Bedroom Units
Reno + Residential Lease & AirBnb Strategy

Investor Project Outcome: Value & Weekly income increase.

Complete Internal 4 week renovation including new kitchens & bathrooms.

Unit 1 - Standard lease - weekly rent increased from $380 to $700.

Unit 2 - Airbnb (beach side suburb) weekly rent increased from $380 to $800.

Renovation Spend: $80,000

Property Value Uplift: $180,000

Total Weekly income increased by $740 per week*

*Peak summer AirBnb income higher

STRATA UNIT - Floor Plan Uplift Strategy
Convert 1 Bedroom into 2 Bedroom Unit

Top Floor Unit in Block of 6 – 1 bed  x 1 bath x 1 car converted into 2 x 1 x 1.

Strata – approved. No structural changes.

Relocated Kitchen into Living Room, new cabinets /appliances /paint / skylight installed/ new wardrobe & carpet in new 2nd bedroom.

Renovation completion 2 weeks.

Renovation Budget: $18,000

Value uplift: $150,000.

HOUSE - Spare Room Re Purpose
Student Accommodation Strategy

Empty nest couple with extra space & looking for Income.

Re purposed spare bedroom into University Student accommodation.

Quick result achieved after fitting out bedroom and advertising availability.

Minimal set up cost outlay.

New Income - Weekly rent $300.

Moving From Family Home to Smaller Unit.

With the kids moved out, it was time to downsize. Sue's biggest task was to declutter the past 20 years before moving.

Time and energy the biggest requirement.

Benefits - re housing quality furniture, income from selling valuable items and ensuring only necessary possessions were moved reducing the relocation costs and enabled moving comfortably into a smaller unit.

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